Affordable sustainability


StramitZED offers sustainable competitive advantages through an approach that combines high quality building design with a competitive pricing structure.

The StramitZED housing design is a reliable solution for affordable Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 housing requirements. It is based on the proven RuralZED design from ZEDfactory. The RuralZED development at Upton in Northampton was the first development in the UK to achieve Code Level 6 as built.

The StramitZED Code Level 6 house is a blend of proven technologies and innovative design principles aimed at affordable sustainability.  The design combines effective solar photovoltaic and thermal panels by Himin, that generate energy and hot water, with proven ZEDfactory heat recovery technologies that keep energy use ultra-low. The building's thermal mass, achieved through the use of terracotta floor tiles and ceiling bricks (in optional designs), evens out fluctuations in temperature, keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter. The Welsh Timber frame is fitted with Stramit StrawBoard-faced cassettes filled with reliable Warmcel thermal insulation.

The house is available in two, three or four bedroom configurations. StramitZED also offers a customisation service to developers.

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